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Martial arts is great for Girls

Why Martial Arts Is So Great For Girls

Posted: February 26, 2021

We speak often about the benefits of martial arts for kids and teens: that it builds confidence, focus, healthy habits and self-discipline, respect for adults and peers, makes kids into leaders, and builds community. The list goes on and on. Of course, it also teaches kids to defend themselves from attackers, and to defuse bullies without violence. But martial arts is, for girls, especially powerful! There are many reasons for this, but it should go without saying that strong girls grow up to be strong, self-confident, empowered women. 

Popular mom-blog “Home To Heather” gives a personal account of her 7 year-old daughter’s positive experiences with martial arts (in this case, Karate) along with 8 great reasons for girls to get involved with martial arts. She writes: 

    This is my daughter’s third year in Karate.  She is 7. The first year there were as many girls as boys.  Last year there were about 30% girls and this year she is the only girl in the dojo.  It’s hard to ignore the fact that she is the lone female in the room.  The only one... Aside from the obvious physical benefit to the sport, there is something amazing about being a little girl in a male dominated sport. I think Karate and many martial arts are incredibly empowering for girls and here are 8 reasons why... 

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Self-Defense Is Key

The ability to defend oneself is another obvious benefit of martial arts for all kids, and especially for girls. As much as we like to focus on the positive benefits of martial arts, such as physical fitness, mental clarity, self-confidence, better grades and so forth, the reality is that there is plenty of danger in the world, and martial arts can help you prepare your child for situations that range from difficult to life-threatening. 

One great, if extreme, example of just such a scenario is this story about An 8 year old girl in El Cajon, California. In the middle of the night, she awoke to find a man in the bedroom she shares with her brother, who was still sleeping. The man picked her up and tried to carry her down the stairs, but he was in for a surprise, as this young lady had learned some basic martial arts moves. She kept her cool, striking the man in the neck, causing him to flee the family’s home. Only then was she able to wake her parents!

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Every parent wants to keep their child safe and give them the best shot at success. Over the years, we have seen how martial arts does just that, empowering kids to become the very best version of themselves. And for girls, the effects can be even more pronounced! We work hand in hand with you, teaching the same values you teach at home. 

We believe martial arts is the best activity for girls (and boys too!) to develop self-confidence, focus for better grades, self-discipline and so much more. But don’t just take our word for it. Try a FREE class and learn for yourself how martial arts can play a positive role in your child’s life! Click the link to sign up NOW! 

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