Martial Arts for Preschoolers

Age 3-5

Our school teaches your kids how to focus and develop a “can do” attitude of confidence and self-protection.

Competence Leads to Confidence

Our Little Dragons Program is specifically designed to be easy to learn so your child develops the true confidence that comes with the path to mastery.

They’ll love the martial arts techniques they learn– techniques they can use as they become more confident in every aspect of their lives.

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All Belts

Lil Dragons

All Belts

Lil Dragons

All Belts



All Belts

All Belts

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Your Child’s Self-Defense Training

Imagine your child so tuned to situational awareness, verbal and personal self-defense that they are all second nature.

They will learn to recognize, avoid, and if need be, defend against forces that most children are totally unaware of.

Learning How to Listen and Focus

Our Little Dragons Program is a martial arts program designed for children as young as three.

This is a fun, active program that helps children develop discipline, balance, flexibility and focus.

They also learn how to listen and follow instructions.

Your Child’s Self-Defense Training Starts here
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Learn in Class. Practice at Home.

Our martial arts program for kids includes video based-based practice sessions so kids can train at home on the days they don’t come to class.

Practicing these moves at home is an excellent way to reinforce what they are learning in class.

It also teaches self-discipline because these at-home practice sessions only work if the child does them.


My child is shy and introverted. How will that affect his participation in class?

If there is any common success story from our martial arts program it’s students and parents telling us how we helped their child to “come out of his/her shell.”

We have specfic drills and exercises that are highly effective for helping students take small steps towards a more confident presence.

My child has a very short attention span. Can you work with that?

Little Dragons is our martial arts class for young children. We understand that keeping attention can be a real challenge with this age group.

That’s why our program is fast moving and engaging for the children.

Our instructors are also experts at helping children to re-focus in class until it becomes natural to the child.

My child is not very active and never liked sports before.

It’s all in the presentation, especially with children. One of the strongest benefits of our martial arts for children program is instilling and motivating a desire to have a healthier diet and body.

This may be one of the best long-term benefits of training at our school.

My child has a "my way or no way!" attitude. Can this help?

One of the somewhat magical effects of our martial arts classes for kids is mix of psychology and physiology.

We often think of the mental disciplines of martial arts but the physical disciplines are just as important and emphasized just as much.

Recognizing and resisting urges to act out are central to the discipline of making sure a student is not abusing the training.

That includes developing the self-control not to act out.

My child is constantly fighting with his sister. Are we putting her at risk?

The responsible use of martial arts for good rather than harm is central to everything we teach.

Parents of our martial arts students are consistently impressed with how our training helps to mature the children in different ways and temper control is one of them.

Much of that has to do with a heighten self-awareness to recognize when things are “heating up” and how to de-excalate.”

My child has a history of quitting new activities.

When you enroll your child into our school to help with self-discipline, it’s crucial that you work with the instructors to set clear expectations.

This starts with your child clearly understanding that the first discipline is to come to class twice a week and practice two non-class days.

To help you with that the child psychologists in the Martial Arts Teachers’ Association’s Certification program suggest you be aware of what activity the child is engaged right before getting ready for class.

If they are playing their favorite game, they may be more resistant to shifting attention than if they were cleaning their room or doing yard work. :0)

Our Martial Arts and Self-Defense Classes

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Our Trial Course

This Two-Week Trial Course gives you the chance to try out our Martial Arts Program.

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Little Dragons

Our Little Dragons Program is a unique combination of Martial Arts and Life Skills.

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Martial Arts for Children

Our Children’s Martial Arts program teaches kids how to be Black Belts in Life.

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COBRA Self-Defense

Our evidence-based Self-Defense program is more like Krav Maga than Karate.

“Our family just joined, we are really enjoying it! Can’t wait for the next class. The owners and all the instructors are great and really encouraging. Best price around, check them out.”

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“My daughter and I attend here at Blue Ridge Martial Arts. The instructors here are second to none. We have learned so much. I highly recommend this school.”

Mike and LeAnn Walker

Forest, VA

“ Classes are the perfect balance between intensity and seriousness, and fun. I also don’t see the price gouging that you get at some other karate schools.”

Megan Bright

Lynchburg, VA

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