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  • PWe teach self-control to make sure students do not misuse these skills.
  • PStudents will learn the most effective strikes in all of martial arts
  • PUnlike complex martial arts that takes years to learn, our program is easy to learn.
  • PWe do not teach just one style, instead we've picked the best skills from many styles.

Why Our Martial Arts Works


We Keep it Simple

Martial arts punches are more like thrusts than strikes. Kickboxing teaches you to throw punches in bunches. It’s like a machine gun vs a single-shot pistol.

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Most schools have an overly complex curriculum that forces students to learn long, drawn-out forms (kata) and traditional basics. We only teach the most effective and easy strikes without the kata.



These Skills Work

Under the stress of a violent attack, you must have skills that are easy to use when needed. That’s why we teach skills that don’t require years to learn.


We’ve Narrowed It Down

Out of the hundreds of martial arts skills and techniques, we narrowed it down to a dozen simple strikes. That’s it.


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Martial Arts

Out of hundreds of martial arts skills, we’ve narrowed them down to the most effective and easiest to learn strikes.

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Life Skills

The Life Skills we teach are the invaluable skills that students use to create a goal-oriented, happy, successful life. 

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You’ll enjoy Empower Kickboxing. We teach easy-to-learn skills that are proven to work in sport or self-defense.

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Self Defense

Our self-defense program is an evidence-based system from law enforcement. It’s more like Krav Maga than karate.

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Blue Ridge Martial Arts Academy

14805 Forest Rd, Suite 223
Forest, VA 24551

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