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Tai Chi is like meditation in motion that helps you breathe deeply and naturally.
As you do this, your body releases tension, which can, in turn, help lower blood pressure and improve heart function. 

Our experienced instructors understand those beginner students may need a little more help while advanced students need to explore their own technique. Our instructors gently push students to concentrate on each motion so that they enter a meditative state that lets them flow with the room's energy. By the time class ends, students often feel less anxious, more flexible, and full of energy. 

Those are the key benefits of practicing this no-impact art form for mental and physical health.


The Mind Body Connection

As you do this, your body releases tension, which can, in turn, help lower blood pressure and improve heart function. Many of our students take Tai Chi classes simply because they need a way to release the stress of daily life.

There's no reason to doubt that the mind-body connection affects everything in our bodies. Practicing Tai Chi regularly can help reconnect the mind and the body. Unfortunately, so much of modern life forces people to separate those essential elements. It's almost like their minds and their bodies lead separate lives, unaware of each other. Tai Chi reintroduces them so people can feel whole and connected to themselves.

Benefits of Tai Chi

Although it's an old art form, Tai Chi meets the needs of contemporary people struggling with stress, wellness, and other health issues. Some benefits for people who practice Tai Chi regularly help them:

• Lose weight • Improve balance • Increase flexibility • Increase focus
• Learn to relax naturally • Increase strength • Improve aerobic conditioning

The series of movements allow you to practice the internal arts. Breathing, range of motion, and meditation are a few of the many benefits of Tai Chi. Improved balance, focus, mental clarity, slowed heartrate and improved circulation are a few benefits from the study of this ancient Chinese art.

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Blue Ridge Martial Arts Academy in Bedford, Va. and Sensei Burns have been a blessing to our son James and our family. Our son James is 6 years old and has cerebral palsy; his left side is weaker than his right side, but after 1 1/2 years of karate it isn’t as weak as it was. He has improved and his body is more balanced. James started taking physical therapy at 18 months old. This past summer his physical therapist released him. She said karate twice a week was more beneficial than anything she could do twice a month.

Angelina Smith

I am very grateful for all that Blue Ridge Martial Arts does. I truly see a shift in my son when he comes home from class. He absolutely loves his time at the Academy.  We notice an improvement in his self-esteem and confidence within himself. Staff is kind and polite. Instructors are respectful and knowledgeable. 

M. Fluker

Forest & Lynchburg

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